• Effective Ways to Build Organic Backlinks

    Here are 5 Effective Ways to Built organic backlinks quickly. Apart from writing quality content and promoting it through social media, it’s necessary to have some quality backlinks to your blog. After the recent search algorithm changes by Google, many blogs are punished for several reasons. To stay safe and ahead of your competitors, it’s necessary to take some action and building organic backlinks will surely help.
    This article is written after getting inspired from a video by Matt Cutts, the head of Google SPAM Team. He clearly mentioned some good points on how to build organic backlinks.

    What are Organic Backlinks ?

    There are thousands of ways to build links to your blog and none of them are equal to “Organic Backlinks”. In simple words, organic backlinks can be explained as the links that are naturally constructed, which usually happens when you focus on high quality and unique content.

    How to built Organic Backlinks ?

    Here are 5+ sure fire tips that help to built organic backlinks to your blog.

    1. Controversies

    Indulging in a Controversy will easily highlight things mostly if you are on the negative side. You need to follow-up regularly and have to be in touch with trending topics. Words have such a great power and believe me, with a single blog post you can grab the attention of the whole media. Play it safe or otherwise you may face some legal issues.

    2. Experiments

    Experimenting on things will depend on your interest and passion to achieve something. Not everyone can do experiments as it needs lot of time and patience. So, if you are goot at something, then try to experiment on things and publish posts like How-to guides on your blog. This is how unique content can be built and organic backlinks will flow to your article, sometimes for years.

    3. Freebies

    Using a feebie to get subscribers and backlinks is an old yet powerful strategy. You cannot get backlinks immediately, but over time you can get some quality backlinks. This depends on the quality and type of freebie you are providing. If its a regular one, like a free PSD template or a free theme then there wont be much use. Try to work on creative things and give them away for free.

    4. Communities

    Lets consider some blogs in the WordPress niche. There are quite popular and useful blogs on WordPress that help to make the most out of your WordPress blog. Whenever they write an article or list out some resources, links to the articles on other blogs will be included. This purely depends on the author of the article and so its necessary to establish some connections with fellow bloggers.

    5. Video Blogging

    Many have the talent to create useful videos yet don’t try it. Consistent exposure can be gained through video blogging and if you need a sort of inspiration to start with, then you can check TheNewBoston (http://thenewboston.org/tutorials.php). That guy got good programming skills and he is sharing some knowledge through his videos. Make videos and your articles will be linked on many blogs.